Data and Human, Collaborative Intelligence


Taelim's assembly lines and the processes are a compressed and reflected part of our long experience in I-Shaft manufacturing and design and evaluation.

Manufacturing Line – Section 1IMS(U/joint) assembly line

  • 3 lines having 1.5 millions capacity / year.
  • Fully materialized SMART FACTORY.
  • Taelim’s I-shaft, which will lead the global market.
  • I-shaft is assembled in the 3lines, which is a state-of-the-art process that enables data conversion for all processes.
  • It is the most advanced automated process in terms of production efficiency, the competency of Smart Factory of Taelim is concentrated on this process.

The most efficient production line design with SMART FACTORY system enables stable supply of high-quality competitive products.

Manufacturing Line – Section 2Precision shaft machining line

  • 3.5 millions capacity / year.
  • Machining, Polishing, 4 of 5-axis Machining center

Taelim’s masterpiece, which dominated the world market.
Over 200 types Cylinder tube is developed and supplied to world market.

Manufacturing Line – Section 3 Cylinder Tube forming & welding line

  • 3.0 millions capacity / year.
  • 14 robotic welding machine is included.

With special ERW equipment and tooling, Taelim precision pipe can produce up to 10mm
thickness tube range of 25~76mm, substituting area of seamless tubes.

ERW Pipe mill Line Precision ERW pipe line

  • 3,000 metric ton / month.
  • Steering, Shock Absorber, etc.
  • OEMs : Various