Data and Human, Collaborative Intelligence


Taelim is always looking for passionate and talented people who can build a future of automotive with us.

People we value

  • Creativity

    Creative talent who can deviate from the existing framework

  • Leadership

    Talent who strives to become the best professional through constant self-development

  • Harmony

    Talent who is considerate and fulfills his responsibilities to the world by cooperating with others.

  • Safety

    Talent who can take care of not only himself but also the safety/health of his coworkers.

Recruitment Hiring at any time

  • Overseas Sales(English, Chinese, others)
  • Technical Research Institute(Mechanical design, Mechanism design, Product development)
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Management
  • Production Management
  • Purchasing Management

In-house club

  • Taegonghoe : Fishing

  • Strike : Bowling

  • Junmo : Basketball