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Corporate Introduction

Taelim Industrial co., ltd. is an exporting-focused company that produces automobile parts of steering system and we have been exporting them to more than 10 foreign countries, including U.S. Europe, South Asia and other countries since 1986.

We have been focusing on development of module parts based on knowhow to produce vehicle parts for steering system and related technologies over 24 years. Accordingly, we succeeded in developing the world class I-Shaft for steering system for automobile.


Business Areas

Based on the accumulated experience of product development for more than 30 years, we are providing reliable materials to global market by operating businesses such as hot forging, precision steel pipe, and others and combining production and service business for engineering and manufacturing consulting to design products.

Auto components

It is Taelim’s original business field, which is world leaders in the global market with superior quality and stability of supply.


Precision Steel Pipe

With special ERW equipment and tooling, Taelim precision pipe is able to produce up to 10mm thickness tube range of 25~76mm, substituting area of seamless tubes.


Manufacturing Service

It is a service and consulting business in the manufacturing field, which makes use of our experiences in long factory operation and quality management.