Tube Mill Factory in Zhangjiagang, Producing of Ultra-precision Tube With Long Experiences

With long experiences in use of tubes and in development of related products, Taelim knows importance on management of demanding quality requirements and raw materials better than anyone. Taelim promises accumulated quality management and development system for reliable products and their best quality.


  • Company Name
    • 태림정밀강관
  • Business Place
    • ADDRESS: Shugang Express Culvertwest 50M, Zhangxingwest Road, Ecoomc Development Zone, Zhangjiagang Citu, Jiangsu Province, China
    • TEL : +86-512-5698-7899
  • Established Year
    • 2015
  • Business Information
    • Precision ERW Pipe

Main facilities

  • ERW Line1
    • 19.1~70Ø / 1.0 ~ 3.5T
    • capacity of 750 ton (month/1shift)
  • ERW Line2
    • 25.4~76.3Ø / 2.0 ~ 10.0T
    • capacity of 1,000 ton (month/1shift)
  • Component Analysis Room
    • Hardness tester, Metallurgical Microscope, Surface Roughness,
      hydraulic pipe expander, UTM. VC, etc.