Taelim promises to achieve customer satisfaction by constantly providing high quality products to the customers and do our best to make customers think that we are trustworthy and provide the best quality products with our brand power.

Taelim Co., Ltd. is an exporting-focused company that has produced auto mobile parts of steering system and exported them to 10 foreign countries, including U.S. Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries for 30 years.

As main products are changing to electronic specification due to the rapid change in the auto mobile industry, we started to aware of the limitations in production of single item. With the bond of sympathy to challenge module parts, we had focused on development of module parts for 2 years, based on knowhow to produce vehicle parts for steering system and related technologies for 20 years. Accordingly, we succeeded in developing the world class I-Shaft for steering system for automobile.

With clear understanding of products, global history, and sense of mission for safety that means our products determine customers’ life, Taelim will repay our customer with the highest quality product.

Taelim Industrial promises to strive so that our brand value, i.e. safety of our colleagues and customers, is realized and trust and reliable image of the company is imprinted in the customers’ mind, by continuously providing high-quality products.

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